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Learning intentions

Hey, what’s up! What have you been learning lately? was there anything interesting about it? How did you keep track of your learning? What motivated you to get through? Even before the days of man, motivation was a key driver. Ever wondered why most times you get psyched up to start a big thing onlyContinue reading “Learning intentions”


what’s the word above again?Never heard of it anyway but keep your eyes on this piece and see what it entails. It’s been tough;restricted movement,curfews,rising infected numbers!,deaths,closing of worship places,an added attire upon the face…,the list is endless to characterise this pandemic period.It has really hit people hard,socialy, financially, technically,…and the question is,amidst this ‘giant’Continue reading “Coronapportune”


Right at the front seat of the class ,a tiny girl is busy mumbling words ,her eyes focused somewhere,her thoughts quite far .For a span of about 10 minutes,the conversation is ongoing.Could this be some kind of healing or is it blushing off some fatigue or could she probably be muscling up for a newContinue reading “Weird!”

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